5 best way to celebrate your boss's birthday

5 best way to celebrate your boss's birthday

Birthdays are always special. Whether it is your boss’s birthday or a colleague's make sure you put some extra efforts to celebrate. Make a birthday club so that you don’t forget. The birthday club should organize a party for him or her. Obviously, order a succulent cake. Blow candles and sing in praise of your boss. You can spread the message via email or simply tell the office about it by making a verbal announcement. Order a scrumptious meal so that everyone can socialize on the table.

Write something good, if the day is simply too busy, you can all at least acknowledge your boss’s birthday by signing a card together. So what do you write in boss 's birthday card, after all? The card should be short and sweet to stay professional, but it can be fun, too!

Organize some fun games. For example, consider a snack or cupcake competition. Coworkers who want to get involved can make snacks or cupcakes and bring them in on the day of the birthday. Then coworkers can rate the best snacks or cupcakes based on design or taste, in honor of the person whose birthday it is.

If nothing else works, sing happy birthday for your boss. It is the best way to make them feel special. Whether you sing in your morning or at lunchtime, let them know that you're acknowledging their birthday.

Give a gift to your boss. Gifts are a fine idea especially if they come from your employees. Make sure all your colleagues donate to the gift fund. The more personal the gift is, the better it is.

Last but not least, acknowledge your boss’s efforts and give a pat on their back for everything they do to make organization rise.

Have fun! Do everything in good spirit.