Let's be honest, you aren't going to show up to work every day as your most polished, sophisticated and all-time professional self. You can be wrinkled and messy. You might even get nervous. If that happens, don't worry. You're only human.

Most jobs have a dress code, which you should obviously adhere to. However, taking one step further, and really throwing together an amazing work outfit. And when you feel good, you exude confidence.

Keep Your Desk Clean

Don’t keep your desk messy. Maintain a clean and organized desk. It will make working and staying on top of projects on an easy pace. It has a great impact on the team.

Phone Voice

Professional voice can be tough to get used to, especially if you're working for the first time. It does do wonders, however, professional you may sound "Your greeting is the first thing that people will notice when they call you, and you want to send a good impression to them. Add your name in there as well as a greeting." It sounds grown-up and will score major points with whoever's on the other end of the phone.

Take Risk

If a new project comes up taking risk is very crucial. Learn things and give your best.

But don't let negative thoughts ruin your career

Put up an Email Signature

An email signature lets your contacts know that they're communicating with your on a professional basis, but it also gives them the information they need to reach out you again in the future.

Constructive Feedback

This sounds scary, who wants to be critiqued? But trust me asking for some feedback is the most professional thing you can do. Instead of anxiously wondering what you’re doing wrong, you’ll gain a better sense of your performance, your strengths, and your areas for improvement."