Against Gender violence our first priority

Against Gender violence our first priority

Gender-Based violence is discrimination against women on the basis that she is a woman and is considered weak. Women have been subjected to various atrocities since ages. Their right to freedom and expression has been violated. Gender-based violence includes forms of violence, such as violence in relationships, sexual violence which includes rape, sexual assault and harassment, psychological and economic violence, trafficking in women, forced prostitution, slavery, and different forms of harmful practices, such as child or forced marriages, female genital mutilation, crimes committed in the name of so-called honour, forced abortion, forced pregnancy and forced sterilisation. Gender-based violence occurs because of the hierarchal and unequal power structure rooted in the mindset of men.

BUT the question is why women are treated like a piece of an object? We are all creatures of God. Every creature has a right to live and express. The history also reveals that women have been treated badly and they have been oppressed for centuries. Now, the world needs to realize women have come along way and have broken socio-economic barriers to attain a position and respect in society. We need to provide a safe platform for women to grow and reach heights.

Be it corporate sector or political, scientific or any other women have carved a niche for themselves. They are a source of inspiration. We with RIDDHIMA JOBS  have made efforts to empower women employment. RIDDHIMA JOBS provide abundant job opportunities to women in private as well as government sector. It is a small step to provide the right platform to women and stop discrimination against women.