Build your resume after a break-Important

Build your resume after a break-Important

Personal reasons often force  Indian women to take career breaks. Here’s how they can redeem and resume their career after a break.

A major setback

Taking a break from work can be seen as freedom, depending on your reasons and situation. But getting back to work can have its own set of setbacks. The main hurdle is own lack of self-confidence and the professional challenges. Most companies say that they are unsure of whether they could adapt to the work scenario after such a long break.

Internships for Women campaigns can help women  to restart their career. It proposes internships as a way for women to ease themselves back into the professionalism as these are a short-term commitment and provide flexible working hours. Options like work-from-home and part-time jobs permit girls to balance their skilled and private lives.

How to get back in the work environment.

Here are a few ways you can make it easier for yourself to return to work after a break.

An unplanned break can do so much damage. It can go on for longer than you thought  and can become hard to explain to future employers. Plan your break systematically by setting yourself an end date and having back up plans in place.

Keep in touch

Networking is one of the most important tools when taking a break. A strong support system of colleagues and professional contacts can help you pave your way back to the position you left behind.


Focus on things which prove your worth.Don’t mention the months ,years gaps.However, don’t try and bend the facts and extend dates to cover a gap that did exist – this could just get you into a sticky situation at the interview so tell the exact reasons.

Keep track of the technical things happening around, so that you don’t feel left out.

Even if you are getting a new job role accept it and brace yourself.