Everyone loves to decorate during Christmas. The Christmas tree is just the beginning. Decorations should look as festive as possible with these bright ideas.

1) Make a Snowy Wreath-  Decorate your front door with a wreath. You can craft a snowy wreath either by yourself or can purchase it from the market. Nothing brightens up your front door quite like a wreath.

2)Buy a galaxy ornament- Decorate with galaxy ornaments. They give a new look to the Christmas tree. It lightens the Christmas tree. Also, use tree lights. Spread the ornaments throughout the tree. The ornaments can include bows, strands of popcorn and cranberries, and candy canes.

3)ADD UP WITH TINSEL-Tinsel makes the tree glitter. Hang tinsel near the lights for the shiniest look. But be careful with the usage too much tinsel can spoil the beauty of the tree.

4) Add the star or decoration you wish to have at the top of your tree- Place anything you love on the top of the Christmas tree. It will give a beautiful look to the tree.

5)Silk roses, magnolias, and hydrangeas are a good way for a wintery feel. Add colored ribbons and glittering glass ornaments for a twinkling, flowery look.

6)Fruits can also be used to add an extra effect on the tree. Fake snow looks beautiful and gives the feel of December. You can still have a beautiful display without being completely color-coordinated. Incorporate both store-bought and homemade things—along with white or multi-colored lights—for a unique setup.

7)For a  tree that looks straight out of nature, adorn it with fresh florals. The top tree featuring several layers of snow-covered decorations. Use vintage Santa dolls and ornaments for Christmas tree. Vintage snowshoes and skis reinforce the frosty feel of  December.

8)Adorn it with jingle bells, red jute, and webbing run down the length of the tree... Antique sleds is a good idea too.