How to avoid staying late in the office?

How to avoid staying late in the office?

Either you're trying to get ahead at the office or having trouble managing your work pressure. it is really tough to maintain a healthy work-life balance. One should find ways to manage time and stay focused during the day.

Professionals who find themselves staying late at the office often do so because of a lack of focus and determination. With social media, email, phone calls and other disruptions, it can be difficult to focus on a project for long. Constant distractions kill productivity, forcing you to stay late and damaging your work-life balance. Social media is a very bad addiction, you are constantly checking your mobile phones and in this way, you end up wasting your time.

If you want to strike a balance between work life, the first step is to identify the distractions. Do you find you are wasting time on Facebook? Do you check each time your email notification beeps?. One needs to identify and find ways to mitigate the distraction. You can't avoid your email or text messages, for example, but you can silence your phone and computer. Even a vibrating alert can pull your focus, so turn it off to improve concentration. This simple step can help you stay on task during the day, get out on time and build a better work-life balance.

The Internet is a serious distraction. Even if you take just five minutes each hour to browse your social media sites or read an interesting article, that wastes a lot of time. If you're like many professionals, you spend even more time online. Control your desire to browse with a simple time management app like RescueTime or Freedom. Or, if you are seriously distracted, use Self Control, which allows you to add distracting sites to a blacklist and set specific periods of time for restricted access. The app won't let you load blacklisted sites, even when you restart the computer.