How to spot a bad boss

How to spot a bad boss

A bad boss is one who will never encourage you and can impede career growth. With this blog, we would explore the vicious tactics of a bad boss and the risk they pose to their employees.

1)Working for a terrible boss can make you rethink your career path, can hamper on other areas of your life and can even lead to mental illnesses such as depression, when not dealt with.

2) A bad boss does not motivate career growth, in fact, he/she criticizes you in public. Whether you’re discussing performance, something professional or personal, discretion is advised. If an employee feels disrespected or underappreciated by the way they’re being treated, it can be a big reason to leave and move on to their next challenge. Leaving the company forever, forcing to rehire and in a worse off position.

3)No feedback-You might have worked day and night for the major project but how does it feel when the boss is still unhappy and dissatisfied with your work. Pathetic right? Providing feedback to employees allow them to work to the standards required and ensures professional success. A great way to have feedback is through discussion. Speak to your boss as soon as possible about what they expect from you and to set goals. One should regularly check in and ensure your boss knows you’re interested.

4)Adamant - When someone you speak to doesn’t listen, it can become very, very frustrating. So when an employer does this, it can be even MORE THAN WORST. Also when your boss doesn't listen and encourage you it disturbs the company culture. Another common situation prevalent among employees is that of the rule-breaking boss. THEY FOLLOW THE CLICHED NOTION THAT BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT. Although they develop rules for the office, they regularly break them with some manager-based reason to do so.

Don’t get disheartened and instead look to progress yourself outside of work… Whatever that may mean for you. So, work and stay happy